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Amazing Spiderman 3 - Until the Stars Turn Cold  Amazing Spiderman 3 - Until the Stars Turn Cold  Amazing Spiderman  $5.99 

Amazing Spiderman 3 - Until the Stars Turn Cold


Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by John Romita Jr.
Spider-Man jets to the West Coast in search of his estranged love, Mary Jane. There, he'll encounter moronic actors, a very angry Aunt May and not one, but two Doctor Octopuses.

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Amazing Spiderman 4 - Life & Death of Spdiers  Amazing Spiderman 4 - Life & Death of Spdiers  Amazing Spiderman  $5.99 

Amazing Spiderman 4 - Life & Death of Spdiers


In this collection of Marvel's most popular Spider-Man series, the relationship of Peter Parker and his estranged wife Mary Jane takes an important turn, and the two decide whether or not they fit into one another?s liv... More Info...

The Amazing Spider-Man Essential Vol. 2  The Amazing Spider-Man Essential Vol. 2  Amazing Spiderman  $5.99 

The Amazing Spider-Man Essential Vol. 2

This Comic Book volume contains comic strip stories published between 1965 and 1967. These episodes follow Spiderman from high school through college as he is battles evildoers, including the Beetle, the Molten Man, the Rhino, and his nemesis, the Green Goblin.

SS Code - B188

ISBN Code - 0785118632

... More Info...
Essential Spiderman Vol 1  Essential Spiderman Vol 1  Essential Spiderman  $5.99 

Essential Spiderman Vol 1


Written by Stan Lee
Art by Steve Ditko
Featuring the birth of an unlikely hero and the early adventures that paved the way for the mega-popular media icon that Spider-Man is today. Introducing the Sandman, the Lizard and Electro.

RATING: All Ages

PAGE COUNT... More Info...

Hurry Up Spiderman!  Hurry Up Spiderman!  Other Books  $2.99 

Hurry Up Spiderman!

Peter Parker is trying to get to his friend M. J.'s play. He's riding his motorbike as fast as he can, but then his spider sense kicks in. A speeding car is about to crash into a pretzel cart, and a boy is in the way! Can Spider-Man save the day and get to M. J.'s performance on time?

Paperback: 24 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 0.09 x 8.... More Info...

Mary Jane 1 Hardcover  Mary Jane 1 Hardcover  Other Books  $16.99 

Mary Jane 1 Hardcover

Judith O'Brien

Written by the award-winning romance and young adult novelist Judith O'Brien, this traditional prose novel is a high school romance updated for today's teens! The new girl at Midtown High, Mary Jane Watson juggles and struggles with her parents' divorce, her love of ballet, and her burgeoning new bond with class nerd Peter Park... More Info...

Mary Jane 2 Hardcover  Mary Jane 2 Hardcover  Other Books  $3.99 

Mary Jane 2 Novel Hardcover

This sequel brings back award-winning romance author Judith O'Brien for a brand-new story starring the love of Spider-Man's life, Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane Watson has been bounced around to more schools than last week's lunchroom mystery meat. At last she's found her niche at Midtown High with best friend Wendy and old-friend-turned-ne... More Info...

Spiderman - Secret of the Sinister Six  Spiderman - Secret of the Sinister Six  Other Books  $5.99 

Spiderman - Secret of the Sinister Six Hardcover

a novel by Adam Troy Castro

His name is the Gentleman. He is one of the wealthiest men in the world -- and the most dangerous. Over the decades the Gentleman has been the secret mastermind and financier of wars and acts of crime and barbarism around the world. He is also the man who killed Peter Parker's parents. Bu... More Info...

Best of Spiderman - Vol 2  Best of Spiderman - Vol 2  Other Spiderman Comic Books  $5.99 

Best of Spiderman - Vol 2

Format: Hardcover
The Best of Spider-Man: Amazing Spierman Hardcover
by Joe Michael Straczynski, Paul Jenkins, John Romita Jr., Humberto Ramos

The second volume of Spider-Man's greatest moments picks up where Volume I left off, collecting the best stories from three Spider-Man series: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, PETER PARKER: SPID... More Info...

Marvel Legends 4 - Spiderman Wolverine  Marvel Legends 4 - Spiderman Wolverine  Other Spiderman Comic Books  $5.99 

Marvel Legends 4 - Spiderman Wolverine

Spider-man Legends : Spider-man Wolverine
Matthews, Brett / Mavlian, Vatche (ilt)

The Marvel Knights imprint makes one of its rare incursions into the X-books with Spider-Man / Wolverine.

ISBN: 0-7851-1297-9

Code - B135

... More Info...
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