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Product information

Spiderman CD ROM

Our price - $1.00

Spiderman CD ROM
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Spiderman CD ROM

SNAP! Marvel Spiderman CD ROM comic book library

Mac and PC Compatable

The Spider-Man CD-ROM contains the first 10 appearances of Spider-Man from the 1960s - the Silver Age of Comics. Included are Spider-Man's very first debut appearance from Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962), as well as issues #s 1-9 of The Amazing Spider-Man - 10 complete full-color digital comics ready for printing in vibrant color or black-and-white! Read them right on your computer monitor's screen, or print out your own "facsimile" comics to read them on paper almost exactly as they originally appeared more than 40 years ago!

In these 10 adventures readers will meet for the first time many of the classic super-villains from Spider-Man's earliest exploits: Dr. Octopus! The Vulture! The Lizard! Electro! The Sandman! and The Chameleon! Also in these early issues, readers will be able to experience Spider-Man's very first encounters with other important characters in the Marvel Universe: The Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, and the beginning of Spidey's long-running "friendly feud" with the other Marvel teenage super-hero of the era, The Human Torch!

The CD-ROM also includes a complete character biography with vital statistics and a description of powers.

This CD-ROM is by far the least expensive way for newer and/or younger fans to read the first 10 adventures of one of the world's favorite heroes! It would cost several times as much to buy the trade paperback reprints of these stories, and many, many thousands of dollars to purchase the original issues.

PC: Windows? 98 including XP, 6 MB RAM, 64 MB HD, Netscape Navigator 4.X or Microsoft? Internet Explorer 5.X or later, Mouse or other pointing device, Printer (optional)

MAC: Macintosh? OSX, 6 MB RAM, 64 MB HD, Netscape Navigator 4.X or Microsoft? Internet Explorer 5.X or later, Mouse or other pointing device, Printer (optional)

SS Code - C113

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 August, 2004.

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